At Budget Sports we strive to ensure you are satisfied with your equipment.  Whether its a football helmet, football shoulder pads, soccer equipment, or accessories.  We have added the following frequently asked questions to our website to help you.  If your question is not answered in this section send us an e-mail to

Where are you located?

We are located near Dallas, TX.

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping for most products is normally 3-5 days anywhere in the US.

There are some items that will take up to 30 days to ship.  It will be stated in the description of the item if shipping will take 30 days.

How much is shipping?

Put your items in you cart & use the shipping calculator to get your estimate.

I am outside the U.S. can you ship to me?

Message us on Facebook or e-mail us at

I want to make a large order what do I do?

Message us on Facebook or e-mail us at We can possibly save on shipping and give discounts!

Do you paint helmets?

We do not paint helmets, we recommend using a local painter to get the exact colors you need for your team.  Remember to put all of your parts in a bag to ensure you do not lose them in the painting process.

Can you get a helmet in the color I want?

We can try to get you your helmet in the color you request, but due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee the color and size you want is in stock. Our customers usually re-paint their helmet to match their team colors.

Can you save a helmet for me?

It is first come first serve.  We cannot save helmets or guarantee it will be in stock.

What if I don’t know my helmet size?

You can size your helmet by following these videos.

What if I don’t know my shoulder pad size?

You can size your shoulder pads by following these videos.

I can’t find my size, what can you do?

If the size helmet you have is not available, you can join our mailing list at the bottom of this page.  We send e-mails when we get more inventory or high demand sizes.  Adult XL & Adult Small are less common and usually sell very fast.

Do you have Youth Helmets?

We have Jr. High helmets which are the same sizing as Youth helmets.

What is your return policy?

Check out our return policy here.